Why Use It?

Is your feed getting overloaded?

You went to your favorite sites, you subscribed to their RSS feeds, and now you're getting their content delivered to your reader. You've cut down on hours of aimless surfing and all the good stuff is coming straight to you.

So why do you still need to sift through hundreds of items to find what you actually want to read? Use Feedscrub instead to sift through and find the good stuff!

How does it work?

Feedscrub filters your feed based on your preferences

Feedscrub filters your feeds based on your preferences. Subscribe to all your favorite feeds, then tell Feedscrub which posts you do and don't like. Feedscrub will learn your preferences and begin filtering out posts that don't interest you.

Our filter is very similar to email spam filters, so it learns what you like based on the words in each post. If you don't like a post, simply "scrub" it. The more posts you "scrub" and "save", the smarter your filter will get.