The Feedscrub Team

Jason Ardell

Jason has had a problem with RSS information overload since early 2008 when he started subscribing to various tech, startup, and development blogs that post many items per day. His Google Reader account started filling up and he knew that Feedscrub would one day be the solution.

He writes much of the code to link Tim's job queue and payment system into Martin's front-end design. He also developed and fine-tuned the Feedscrub filter and heads up PR and marketing efforts. You'll find Jason blogging from time to time about business and startup topics.

Tim Dorr

Tim was approached by Jason over the summer of 2008 with an early prototype of of Feedscrub. He looked at his RSS reader with several hundred unread feed items and knew they were on to something. His experience with large-scale systems and application design would be key tools in building Feedscrub.

Before then, Tim started A Small Orange, a website hosting, design and development firm based in Atlanta, GA with over 12,500 customers and 35,000 websites hosted. He continues as owner of ASO while working on Feedscrub's backend system architecture.

Martin Parets

Always having expressed a love for web design, Martin founded the studio A Small Orange Web Design with Tim shortly after graduation from Georgia Tech. Jason, a friend from Tech, came to him with an idea for a site that intelligently filters RSS feeds. Since he was also drowning from RSS overload, he believed in the project and happily joined the team as the front-end designer.

Martin puts together the graphic design, XHTML and CSS for Feedscrub to work with Tim and Jason's outstanding application. He's always on the lookout for visual tweaks and usability enhancements, and often wonders how many people will actually notice the motion parallax effect for the clouds background.